Faculty Club

The Faculty Club at the Alumni Center, located at 716 Columbus Place, 6th Floor.

Please call our Faculty Club Manager at 617.373.3535 to start planning your next event! Our team is here from start to finish to guide and assist you throughout the event planning process.

Catering Menu | Phone 617.373.3535 | Fax 617.373.8847

Dine with us. All Students, Faculty and Staff are welcome!






September 29

September 30

October 1

October 2

October 3

Roasted Rosemary Statler Breast of Chicken

Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes

Lemon Basil Glazed Broccoli

Roasted Asparagus and Baby Carrot Platter

Lo Mein Shrimp Salad

 London Broil with Wild Mushroom Chipotle Ragout

Spanish Rice Stuffed Peppers

Lemon Scented Orzo with Fresh Herbs

Fennel Mushroom Endive and Dill Salad

Grilled Chicken over Spinach with Asiago cheese  

Broiled Salmon with Dijon Cream

Spinach and Cheese Crespelle

Asparagus with Red Peppers

Sweet Potato Salad with Cranberries and Apricots

Panzanella Salad

 Chicken with Orange Dijon  Glaze

 Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans with Almonds

Mushroom Ravioli Salad

Roasted Corn and Edamame Salad

Scampi over Pasta

Chef’s Choice Vegetable Medley

Three Cheese Lasagna

Roasted Corn and Edamame Salad

Grilled Chicken Platter with Orange Segments Spinach and Manchego

Soups and Salads


Grilled Cheese with Soup of the Day $6.95

Butternut Squash Bacon and Blue Cheese Flat Bread Pizza $9.00

Chef’s Choice Fish of the Day Priced Daily

Pumpkin Cheesecake $4.25

Fresh Berries with Crème Anglaise $3.50

Apple Crisp $4.25

Chocolate Layer Cake $4.25

Key Lime Pie $4.25

Before placing your order, please inform us if a person in your party has a food allergy.

We accept cash, Husky and Dining dollars, credit cards and internal budget numbers. Reservations strongly recommended.