Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

The Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC) is a dynamic, action-oriented network of thought-leading organizations with existing and/or planned teaching kitchens that are capable of shaping next-generation strategy and collaborative research on best practices for integrative lifestyle transformation across settings. The vision is that teaching kitchens are used as catalysts of enhanced personal and public health across medical, corporate, school and community settings.

At Northeastern, we have incorporated this initiative through chef demonstrations, cookbook signings, cooking classes, information tables, culinary tours and interactive display cooking events.

Northeastern Dining Culinary Teaching Events

Teaching Kitchen Classes

Teaching Kitchen is a hands-on class for Northeastern students to explore food, culinary & nutrition literacy that will positively impact food choices and experiences.​ ​​​

Menus of Change Action Stations

Our campus chefs host Menus of Change Action Stations in their dining locations to educate our students about how we implement and utilize the Menus of Change principles in our daily operations. Featured at several of the events are representatives from our local suppliers, including local produce and root-to-stem cooking with Sid Wainer & Son, locally caught seafood from Red’s Best, and zero waste applesauce from New England Made.

Our chefs focused on a different MOC principle each month: “Think Produce First” with freeform vegetarian lasagna featuring locally sourced tomatoes and zucchini; “Reduce Added Sugar” with banana oat cookies and aquafaba cappuccino kisses; “Drink Healthy” with an iced tea bar featuring peach & thyme, chamomile & lavender mint, pomegranate & lime.

Christine Clark, Registered Dietitian

Christine Clark, Northeastern Dining’s Registered Dietitian, host a monthly Food Fitness table, a series of nutritional information sessions at our residential dining rooms to talk to our guests about Menus of Change and how we incorporate the principles into our daily menus. She covered a wide variety of healthy eating and nutritional topics, including:

  • Limiting Your Sugar Intake
  • Eating on the Move
  • Mindful Eating
  • Serving Less Red Meat, Less Often, Produce First

These events were also supplemented by blog posts in Christine’s “Healthy Huskies” recurring blog series.

Foodie Tours with Campus Executive Chef Tom Barton

Campus Executive Chef, Tom Barton and Registered Dietitian, Christine M. Clark host Foodie Tours at each dining locations on campus. We invit the student, faculty and staff to join us for an exclusive look behind the scenes of our dining locations and how we incorporate Menus of Change principles across campus.

Xhibition Kitchen Events

The Xhibition Kitchen, our cutting edge demonstration kitchen, welcomed guest chefs and cookbook authors for cooking demonstrations that educated the Northeastern community.

We hosted various student groups in the Xhibition Kitchen throughout the year. With events ranging from healthy eating tutorials to an overview of our dining operations, these events helped to teach our Northeastern community more about the food available around them.

Visit our Photo Galleries for photos and videos of past events in the Xhibition Kitchen.

Educate Your Palate (EYP)

Educate Your Palate brings together our team from across campus to collaborate on this end-of-year signature event. The objective of EYP is to expose students to a unique culinary adventure by expanding their palates and foodie knowledge. The dining hall will be transformed into an extraordinary ambiance. The menus are enhanced to include upscale offerings and flavors. Each year the theme changes, and is not revealed until the night of the event - students are in for a surprising and delightful evening.

Experiential Learning with Northeastern Students

We partnered with Christopher Bosso, a professor at Northeastern University’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, to conduct a blind protein flip taste test and food waste surveys with students.

The taste test survey was held over two days in our residential dining rooms, during which student volunteers encouraged their peer diners to try three bite sized blended meatballs. Each meatball was blended to a different ratio of beef to mushroom (50/50, 60/40 and 70/30), and diners were asked which they thought had the best taste, best texture and best overall mouth feel. At the conclusion of the taste tests, the votes were tallied and the 60% beef, 40% mushroom ratio was deemed the winner. This ratio is now used in all of our “blended” beef recipes across campus, including meatballs, meatloaf, and chili.

The food waste surveys studied the effectiveness of messaging to reduce:

  • Food waste in Northeastern dining halls by encouraging students to take only the food they need
  • The amount of uneaten food that goes into the municipal waste stream versus the composting system

Two different types of messages were used at the point where students get their food (to reduce the amount of excess thrown out) and where they get ready to discard their food scraps (to encourage more composting).