Mindful Eating

Xhibition Kitchen
April 18, 2018 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Join us for this Xhibition Kitchen event  •  Free Demonstration and Discussion

Mindful Eating

with Christy Greenwald 

Mindful eating helps us savor our food and eat with intention. When practiced enough mindful eating may help increase food enjoyment and reduce overeating. Learn how to lower stress and eat mindfully during finals. 

About the guest: Christy Greenwald is fifth year health science student from Tucson, Arizona. She teaches yoga & barre, and loves being active and spending time outside. Christy has always been interested in meditation, and does her best to inspire people to be more mindful as they deal with the craziness of college life.  

Free admission: If you would like to attend just the Xhibition Kitchen event without eating lunch in the dining room, please sign in with an ID and proceed directly to the XK. If you plan to stay for lunch and eat in the dining room, please pay the à la carte meal rate upon entrance. Thank you and enjoy the show!

The cutting edge venue at the dining halls is the Xhibition Kitchen, located at 11 Speare Place inside Stetson West Eatery. A variety of programs are hosted in this innovative kitchen which include chef demonstrations, cooking classes, book signings and interactive display cooking.