Husky Card Services manages all services associated with the Husky Card at Northeastern University. The Husky Card is the official identification card at Northeastern University and is also used for dining locations, meal plans and more. 

To learn more about your Husky Card please visit the Husky Card Services website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my meal plan?

To change a Meal Plan, please visit myNortheastern or contact Husky Card Services at or 617.373.8740.

For exceptions to published Meal Plan Policies, please contact Housing Services at or 617.373.2814.

What do I do if I have dietary restrictions, or a special diet?

Northeastern Dining works closely with the University’s administration, Food Advisory Board, and students to provide a variety of nutritious and delicious menu options, personalized service, and exceptional dining experiences. Northeastern Dining supports students who have food allergies by providing information to help them make informed food choices in the three residential dining rooms: International Village, Levine Marketplace (Stetson East), and Food Hall at Stetson West.

For more information please review our Food Allergy Guide.

For exceptions to published Meal Policies, please contact Housing Services at or 617.373.2814.

Dining Room Visits and Discussions

If you would like to discuss or visit the dining rooms to review menu design, food labeling, and the measures we take to offer choices that might meet your needs, please contact Registered Dietitian Christine M. Clark or Campus Executive Chef Tom Barton.

Registered Dietitian, Christine M. Clark, MS, RDN, CSSD

Campus Executive Chef, Tom Barton

Where can I use my Traditional and/or Profiler meal plan?

Residential Dining Rooms

Enjoy your meals at our three All You Care To Eat residential dining rooms: International Village, Levine Marketplace, and Food Hall at Stetson West. All offer a wide range of menu choices in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Student Meal Plan Exchange Locations

When you do not have time to sit down for a full meal in one of the residential dining rooms, students have the option to use their meals at additional locations on-campus: Outtakes, The West End, Café Crossing, and Rebecca's Cafe.

Please be advised: due to operational needs and/or seasonal renovations, the hours of operation at each dining facility may vary during holidays, semester breaks, and summer sessions. Individual dining locations may also be closed during these periods as well.

For the latest updates about changes in hours of operation, please visit the Hours of Operation page or follow NUDining on Facebook and Twitter.

I am a freshman commuter. Do I have to have a meal plan?

A traditional meal plan is required for all freshmen and students living in Meal Plan Required Residence Halls. For all others, meal plans are optional. Those looking for the convenience of dining on campus, both Traditional and Profiler meal plans are available on the myNortheastern portal.

When do the meal plans start and end during the week?

A traditional meal plan includes meals allocated on a weekly basis, from Sunday morning breakfast through Saturday evening dinner. Weekly meals will be reset before Sunday breakfast each week.

Unlike the traditional meal plan where meals are apportioned on a weekly basis, Profiler meals are valid for one year, from August to August.

  • 2018-2019 Profiler meal plans are valid August 26, 2018 through August 24, 2019
  • 2019-2020 Profiler meal plans are valid August 25, 2019 through August 22, 2020

I have a Profiler plan but I ran out of meals. Can I get more?

Yes, if you run out of meals on your Profiler plan you can simply purchase another block of meals by visiting myNortheastern.

Dining Dollars

Each student who purchases a Traditional meal plan receives Dining Dollars as part of their plan that can be used at dining locations on and around campus. Dining Dollars must be spent during the term they are issued as they do not roll over. Once the allotted Dining Dollars are used, you cannot add any additional funds.

Husky Dollars

  • The most popular & recognized form of payment on the Northeastern campus, Husky Dollars let you spend your money on what you want.
  • Husky Dollars can be spent on food, books and much more at any vendor that accepts Husky Dollars.
  • Vendors that accept the Husky Card on- and off-campus.
  • You decide how much money you want available in your Husky Dollars account and how you’d like to spend it.
  • Your Husky Dollars do not expire. Once you add Husky Dollars to your account, they will remain active and on the card until you graduate or officially leave the University.
  • Please be aware that once Husky Dollars are added to an account, they cannot be refunded until the withdrawal or graduation of the student.

Husky Dollars Policies

All Northeastern Dining locations accept Dining Dollars, Husky Dollars, cash, debit or credit. Northeastern University students are tax exempt with proper identification.

To learn more about your Husky Card please visit the Husky Card Services website.

How can I contact Dining Services?

To leave a comment, concern, or question, please visit the Northeastern Dining Feedback page. You can also send us a message on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.