For infomation on Traditional Meal Plans please visit the Husky Card website

Traditional Meal Plans

A variety of meal plans have been designed to accommodate the needs of all students. To get the most out of your college experience, a meal plan is required for all freshmen and students living in Meal Plan Required Residence Halls.

What's included?

Each meal plan includes meals allocated on a weekly basis, ten guest meals per semester, and Dining Dollars per semester – all right on your Husky Card. The ten guest meals included with each meal plan allow your friends and family to dine with you when visiting campus. The Dining Dollars program allows you a variety of dining options including the flexibility of eating meals outside the residential dining rooms at other retail dining locations on and around campus, including the award-winning Curry Student Center Dining. In addition, you can also use your guest meals or Dining Dollars at the residential dining rooms if you have depleted your meals for the week. Guest meals and Dining Dollars should be used throughout the semester so you can get the most value out of your plan, they reset come the next semester.

How does it work?

Meal plans and Dining Dollars are accessed via your student identification, the Husky Card. Each time you enter a dining room or visit a retail dining location, the system subtracts either a meal or the cost from your card. After each use, the balance of meals or Dining Dollars remaining appears on the terminal.

The meal plan week runs from Sunday morning breakfast through Saturday evening dinner.

Please be advised: due to operational needs and/or seasonal renovations, the hours of operation at each dining facility may vary during holidays, semester breaks, and summer sessions. Individual dining locations may also be closed during these periods as well.

For the latest updates about changes in hours of operation, please visit the Hours of Operation page or follow NUDining on Facebook and Twitter.

For infomation on 2019-2020 meal plans please visit the Husky Card website