Menus of Change

Northeastern Dining’s menus are intentionally designed by our team to be mindful of healthy, sustainable and delicious food choices. We do this by creating residential and retail dining menus in conjunction with Menus of Change principles.

Menus of Change: The Business of Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Food Choices is a ground-breaking leadership initiative launched in 2012 by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that works to realize a long-term, practical vision integrating optimal nutrition and public health, environmental stewardship and restoration, and social responsibility concerns within the foodservice industry and the culinary profession.

With the success of the initiative’s annual Menus of Change leadership summits and annual reports, “Charting the Future of Food & the Foodservice Industry,” the CIA and Stanford University launched a complementary initiative in 2015: the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative (MCURC). The MCURC is a network of over 200 members accelerating innovation, advancing Menus of Change principles, and pioneering research to accelerate efforts to move American consumers—and college/university students, scholars, and staff in particular—toward healthier, more sustainable, plant-forward diets.

Northeastern Dining is a proud member of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative.

Vision: Cultivating the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet one student, one meal at a time.

Mission: MCURC is a collaboration of forward-thinking scholars, food service leaders, executive chefs, and administrators for colleges and universities who are accelerating efforts to move people toward healthier, more sustainable, and delicious foods using evidence-based research, education, and innovation.

We have highlighted the following principles in our residential and retail dining locations: