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Please note the hours of operation for Thanksgiving Break (Nov 26–Dec 4, 2019)

What do I do if I have dietary restrictions, or a special diet?

Northeastern Dining works closely with the University’s administration, Food Advisory Board, and students to provide a variety of nutritious and delicious menu options, personalized service, and exceptional dining experiences. Northeastern Dining supports students who have food allergies by providing information to help them make informed food choices in the three residential dining rooms: International Village, Levine Marketplace (Stetson East), and Food Hall at Stetson West.

Visit our YouTube channel to see the time lapse footage of local chalkboard artist Joan Aylward hand drawing the Menus of Change principles in the Food Hall at Stetson West!

Trayless initiative sponsored by SGA and RSA

Thank you for contributing to a cleaner earth by dining without a tray today.

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Upcoming Events

19th Annual Gingerbread Construction Contest

Take a much needed respite from studying for an upcoming week of final exams to create a masterpiece wo rthy of the Northeastern community’s votes. Cash prizes of $100, $75 and $50 will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners, respectively.

Be a contestant in our Gingerbread Construction contest!

60 contestants will be randomly chosen from all student entries.  (Limited to 2 students per house, you pick your partner).

Join us for this Xhibition Kitchen event  •  Free Baking Demo

Let’s Talk About Pâte à Choux!

with Diane Saraceni

Pâte à Choux is a very versatile light French pastry dough that is used to make cream puffs, eclairs, Paris Brest, croquembouche, and gougéres. We will explore both sweet and savory options for this amazing dough and include seasonal flavors. Come see how fun and easy it is to work with pâte à choux!

Teaching Kitchen is a hands-on class for Northeastern students to explore food, culinary & nutrition literacy that will positively impact food choices and experiences.​ ​​

Learn how to make pasta from scratch- it’s easier than you think- plus a quick fresh cherry tomato basil sauce to accompany.

Gingerbread creations from the 19th Annual Gingerbread Construction Contest will be on display Friday, December 6 in the Xhibition Kitchen's "Gingerbread Village" for the Northeastern community to vote for their favorites.