Please be advised: due to operational needs and/or seasonal renovations, the hours of operation at each dining facility may vary during holidays, semester breaks, and summer sessions. Individual dining locations may also be closed during these periods as well.

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Our customers are becoming increasingly more conscious of the types of food they choose to put in their bodies. Rooted is focused on real, wholesome foods with minimally-processed ingredients that are completely plant-based. 

​Recipes for this concept revolve around flavor and bringing excitement to plant-based dining with international and comfort foods. This program brings a little bit of everything. With spices originating in the Middle East such as Baharat, to street food favorites like Pad Thai and comfort foods like "meat" loaf with creamy mashed potatoes, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Northeastern Dining started to expand our vegetarian/vegan options due to the increased requests from the student population.  We are constantly striving to improve our menu options. It is an effort brought forth from our culinary team with input from the Food Advisory Board and student requests. It’s not just tofu and veggie burgers any longer! 

Levine Marketplace use to offer a few basic menu options such as tofu, a salad bar and one vegetarian entrée and legumes.  Now it’s just part of our everyday service at our dining venues on campus. The choices have expanded exponentially. There is a complete array of vegan and vegetarian offerings every day. Just some of our menu items include: arugula, white bean & roasted pepper salad, cucumber & tomato salad with wasabi dressing, warm lentils & potatoes, vegetable paella, tortilla casserole, edamame basil tartines with artichokes. Soy milk, rice milk, hummus, brown rice, sweet potatoes-just part of everyday staples in our dining rooms!

At Stetson West Eatery with a flat-top grill stir fry line students can choose from an abundance of fresh seasonal vegetables, proteins, and sauces that are cooked to order. 

At International Village Dining students can veg out and choose from freshly made-to-order falafel, tofu Asian noodles, herb quinoa, roasted beets, polenta pie with gorgonzola, potato & poblano quesadilla-just to name a few! The salad action station features chef prepared tossed-to order custom salads made with a variety of micro-greens and vegetables.

There are now several new vegetarian and vegan dining options outside of the dining halls on campus. Za'tar features classic pita recipes with a modern twist that are a great choice for guests looking for a chef-designed meal. Guests are also invited to style their own pita or grain bowl from a wide selection of unique, scratch-made vegan and vegetarian ingredients. Sweet Tomatoes Pizza features many vegetarian specialty pizzas such as their Pesto Splash or Veggie Garden pizzas. UBurger, another local brand, offers the option to change any of their specialty or build-your-own burgers to a veggie burger at no additional charge. At Kigo Kitchen, the create-your-own Asian stir fry concept lends itself well to a vegetarian guest as there are several meat-free options, including soy and edamame, as well as the choice to have just veggies. Finally, the popular Sizzlin’ Salads station at The West End offers guests the chance to customize their salad with a diverse variety of garden fresh ingredients and the option to top it with their choice of protein, including tofu, which is sautéed right before their eyes.